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Kate Maxey, LAc, is a California and Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist with a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her Family Practice health care blends a love and knowledge for Acupuncture, Herbalism, Massage and Yoga. She will invite you to connect with your breath, give your nervous system a break and address any health concerns that may be weighing you down. Due to the demands of our active, urban lifestyles we are in a minor state of “fight or flight” every day. By activating our “restore and recuperate” mode we give our adrenals a rest, allowing our mind to scan the body to give attention to those neglected places. When in Kate’s care, she will help you remember what it feels like to be light.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area House of Qi

House of Qi Acupuncture Studio

10 Eugenia Ave., Bernal Heights, SF

These 1.5 hour+ treatments incorporate the unique “Qi Gong Therapy” House of Qi is known for, blending traditional modalities with personalized stretches and massage to deepen the effects. Depending on the acute or chronic nature of your health concern, you may just need a few treatments, although most never give up their occasional tune-ups to keep immune systems strong, bodies limber and nervous systems relaxed.

Mondays and Saturdays:9am–8pm
Fridays: 9am-1pm

For questions or an appointment:
415.335.0282   /

Reproductive Health, Fertility and Pregnancy The Root Midwives


1300 Sanchez Street, Noe Valley, SF

At The Root Midwife Collective, treatments focus on reproductive health, fertility (women and men) and pregnancy. Kate integrates restorative yoga, massage and Chinese Medicine into sessions that leave you feeling cared for and on a path of healing and vitality. Acupuncture is safe and effective at ALL stages of pregnancy and can assist in alleviating nausea, back pain, carpal tunnel, breech positioning, late-labor, pre-birth anxiety, fatigue, emotional ups and downs and more. Acupuncture's helpful role in natural and medically assisted fertility is irrefutable... and incredibly enjoyable!

Tuesdays 8-11am
Wednesdays 3-8pm

For questions of an appointment: 415.335.0282 /

Chinese Medicine and You!
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Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine, which means that the body is treated as a whole and not as separate parts. Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old technique that uses very fine needles to activate energetic centers of the body in order to bring balance and health. Both acupuncture and Chinese herbal prescriptions are designed with the individual in mind so that the root of the problem is identified for long-term healing.

Acupuncture can treat such things as:

Acute & Chronic Pain Digestive Problems Gynecological Issues Sciatica
Allergies Ear Ringing Migraines Skin Disorders
Anxiety Fatigue Post-stroke TMJ
Depression Fertility Pre-/Post-surgery Care Weight Loss
Detox/Addiction Insomnia Pregnancy/Post-natal Wrinkles

Whether you are coming in for “Preventative Healthcare” or to address a nagging issue that you haven’t found relief for in other places, Lightfeather Acupuncture and Integrative Health is prepared to help you feel better!

Testimonials Testimonials

“Kate is a truly gifted practitioner who blends acupuncture, body work and a deep intuitive sense to create healing and well-being.” —Rob R.

“Kate’s acupuncture and massage have been great for my physical and emotional body! Specifically, Kate has helped with my frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, teeth grinding and sciatica.”—Cinthia V.

“She creates a warm and relaxing environment; I always leave her feeling blissed out and looking forward to our next appointment!” —Makenna B.

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For questions or an appointment: 415.335.0282 /